Global Learning

Travel Programs 2019

Ecuador and Galapagos (Upper School)

Students will participate in a service learning program while immersed in the indigenous culture of Ecuador. They will visit a local school for three days and then explore the Galapagos Islands--the natural habitat of giant tortoises, land iguanas, colorful fish and sea turtles among many other flora and fauna. This trip will be a life-changing experience for students.

  • Open to: all forms in Spanish classes and/or Spanish speakers
  • Dates: March 15-23, 2019
  • Leader: Christine Pérez & Palma Repole

London and British Film Institute (Upper School)

For students who are interested in any aspect of making a film. This trip features a partnership in a joint filmmaking workshop with the British Film Institute (BFI) as well as a cultural introduction to English history. Students will tour the British Museum, take a day trip to the antiquities of Stonehenge and Bath, see a play in the West End, and enjoy a group bike ride through Hyde and St. James Parks. Meanwhile the students will work hand in hand with local artists to weave stories and initiate dialogues on film at the remarkable BFI/Southbank film center. In May 2019, a group of BFI students will visit Fieldston to shoot final portions of the film with Fieldston students as their hosts.

  • Open to: Forms IV, V and VI
  • Dates: March 15-23, 2019
  • Leader: Larry Buskey

Spain - Andalusia Fiesta (Upper School)

This trip will expose students to the richness of the varied cultures, art, music, food and dance of southern Spain, including significant Jewish, Christian and Arabic legacies. Traveling through Andalucia and central Spain, our itinerary includes visits to Toledo, Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla and Madrid. Varied activities include museums (the Prado, Reina Sofia, El Greco), cooking class, flamenco class, visiting Gypsy caves and Jewish quarters, and embracing the heart of Spanish culture.

  • Open to all forms - no foreign language required to participate
  • Dates: March 15-23, 2019
  • Leader: Esperanza Caño & Tom Carey

Taiwan - The Melting Pot of Asia (Upper School)

This amazing trip – the only of its kind – covers Taiwan from north to south: from cosmopolitan Taipei to the mountains of Alishan, to the island’s historical capital in Tainan. Our trip will show students why we consider Taiwan the “Melting Pot of Asia”. Called “Ilha Formosa” (“Beautiful Island”) by the Portuguese, your children will be able to experience first-hand Taiwan’s diversity as they encounter the footprints of various peoples of Chinese descent, the Japanese, Europeans, as well as the indigenous peoples of the island. Alongside Taiwan’s rich cultural tapestry, they also will learn about its turbulent past and its journey to becoming one of Asia’s most progressive societies. Last but not least, they will experience that which Taiwanese themselves are most proud of: the food! We will not only eat at a variety of restaurants, but your kids will get to explore Taiwan’s famous night markets – a foodie’s paradise!

  • Open to: all forms - no foreign language required to participate
  • Dates: March 15-24, 2019
  • Leaders: Jerry Blaney

WWII - London, Normandy, Belgium & Amsterdam (Upper School)

This is a history-focused trip that will explore the experience of WWII from the perspective of the Allies. Additionally, we will investigate some of the ways that everyday people organized to resist the Nazis. This trip ties directly into our US History courses, WWII/Holocaust class, and US Since 1940. Students will visit London, Caen/Normandy, Dunkirk, the Ardennes area in Belgium and Amsterdam.

  • Open to: all forms - no foreign language required to participate
  • Dates: March 15-24, 2019
  • Leaders: Jennifer Tammi & Nancy Banks

Taiwan - The Culture and Nature of Taiwan (Middle School)

An island on South China Sea, Taiwan is renowned for its rich cultural and natural resources. The goal of this 12-day trip is for participants to explore the modernity and traditional culture of Taiwan, discover the beauty of its scenery, and develop a relationship with local people. By visiting the iconic cities, villages and natural landmarks, students will learn about the history, geography, and cultures and lives of different ethnic groups in Taiwan. Students will also engage in a community service project when visiting an aboriginal village in Central Taiwan.

  • Open to: 2018-19 8th Graders - no foreign language required to participate
  • Dates: June 14-25, 2019
  • Leader: Xiaofei Li

Ghana - Africans in the Diaspora (Middle School)

The Africans in the Diaspora 2019 Spring Break trip to Ghana will provide students with a look into Ghana’s history as well as the opportunity to see rural and urban life in modern day Ghana. In partnership with Project Okurase, during this 9-day trip, students will visit the village of Okurase in Ghana to participate in community projects aimed at improving sustainability for the people in the village. While working with the people in Okurase, we will participate in a cultural exchange of customs, history, language and art. Students will also visit: Kakum National Park to learn about rainforest flora, Cape Coast and the African Diaspora Museum, Makola Market in Accra, Kwame Nkrumah National Park and the historic Elmina Castle. There we will learn about the history of the slave trade in Ghana and its connection to Charleston, South Carolina.

  • Open to: Africans in the Diaspora Club members
  • Restriction: Must be 13 years old or over by March 2019
  • Dates: March 14-23, 2019
  • Trip leader: Keira Rogers

Global Learning

To better prepare students to navigate both the opportunities and challenges inherent in our increasingly interconnected world, ECFS extends the boundaries of traditional learning and the traditional classroom with global learning, a central tenet of the school’s Strategic Plan.

Whether it's the partnerships that we have formed with schools and other educational or non-profit groups in China (Beijing and Nanjing) and French Guiana, travel programs to France, Spain, Quebec, and elsewhere that complement our students’ study of foreign languages, or service programs faculty have led in Costa Rica and Haiti, global learning at ECFS enriches our academic programs with the multicultural dimensions of learning at all stages of development.

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