On behalf of the current P+T leadership, we are excited to welcome all our new and returning families.

The ECFS P+T was established to support and engage our parent community around the mission of our school: progressive education, ethical learning, and academic excellence.

The focus of the P+T in the coming year will be to get to know all our parents by actively inviting everyone in. We’re focusing our efforts on strengthening our community by working with as many parents as possible to plan, organize, and publicize a diverse and inclusive array of social gatherings, discussion forums, and parent education opportunities.

We hope you’ll join us. Please reach out to the members of the P+T with your ideas and desires. We look forward to getting to know you all in the year to come.


2019–2020 All-School P+T team

Margot Bridger, Chair (Upper School liaison)

Mara Kanner, Officer (Fieldston Lower liaison)

Bree Sheahan, Officer (Middle School liaison)

Grace Wang, Officer (Ethical Culture liaison)